Not in the area? If you live outside of Northwest Arkansas, we can offer virtual home personalization. 

This is a great way to get the Aesthetic State look, even if you are across the country. Through this process, we can style your space utilizing our expertise from afar. Just like our local clients, this is completely individualized and created to fit your aesthetic, space, and budget.


This approach does require a little bit of the heavy lifting on your end (like measuring, installing, etc.).

All of the communication is either done by phone, email or video calls which allows you to have more flexibility in your schedule for fun things like happy hour and binge watching TV shows. If this sounds like something you can handle, our virtual home personalization service can work for you!


We offer 2 packages for you to choose from - Beautiful Bones or Completely Collected. You can review both packages below to decide what is best for you. A design board is included in both packages, and if you are curious to know what that looks like check out our mini-sample below.

a package for you...



+ Furniture Package & Styling Inspiration

+ Mood Board - Initial Email for Feedback

+ Design Board

+ Furniture Layout Plan

+ Accessory Inspiration

+ Shopping List - Big Overall Pieces

+ Post-Design Call



+ Furniture Package, Styling Inspiration &  Accessory Package

+ Mood Board - Initial Email for Feedback

+ Design Board

+ Furniture Layout Plan

+ Full Accessory Plan with Placement Schemes

+ Shopping List

+ Post-Design Call

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